Our beekeeping books cover every topic about honey bees. We have , honey , and  books for curious young minds. We also have specialty books like books on , , and . For those who prefer to learn by watching, we have  on beekeeping to help the beginner get started.


Recommended books:

: is a IJʿ publication with 5 revisions, 29 Chapters, 44 Authors, 1057 pages, 660 photos, and 151 drawings, graphs & tables.


This “bible” of beekeeping is a comprehensive encyclopedia on beekeeping with chapters on the history of beekeeping, the different varieties of honey bees, the behavior and life cycle of honey bees, anatomy and physiology of the honey bee, beekeeping tools, management, business practices, diseases, and much more.


: honors the tradition of sticking to the basics, while fully engaging in the new realities of beekeeping in the 21st century. Here in this book is everything you need to know to become a successful beginning beekeeper.


: first printed in 1919 and reprinted in its entirety, along with all of its interesting and historical photographs. Outpiaries and their management is one of the few books in existence written exclusively on the subject of establishing and managing new beeyards.


: contains information on producing virgin queens, mating the queen, use of queens, package bee production, stock maintenance, and much more useful information.




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