Protective Clothing

Purpose of Protective Clothing

Beekeeper apparel helps professional beekeepers handle their bees safely without fear of getting stung. From coveralls to full protective suits, we have a large selection of protective apparel that is both comfortable and practical for all ages.

Beekeeper Apparel

Types of Full Suits

Full Beekeeper Suits include a hat and veil snugly attached to the suit, which will offer you high security from experiencing “bees in your bonnet.” IJʿ offers sting proof, breathable suits that will keep you cool during warm weather.

Ventilated Suit: Ventilated bee suits are perhaps the most comfortable for staying cool, especially in hot weather, and easy to put on. Its cooling feature comes from synthetic foam sandwiched between 100% polyester mesh. The hat veil features an adjustable Velcro strap to help ensure a true fit. Elastic cuffs are around the wrist and ankles, and ankles are zippered to keep your ankles secure and for simple removal. The suit also features two large pockets on the front waist and one on the chest, perfect for fitting many tools. Extra padding is included at the knees and the jacket has elastic around the waist to help you fit into the suit.

Partially Ventilated Suit: A partially ventilated suit is perfect for slightly cooler weather. The ventilation areas are located along your sides running from your waistline to your wrist in the suit. The full suit is ventilated on the outside of the legs starting at the ankles and ending at the wrist. The hood, which looks slightly like a fencing veil, is fully ventilated on the suit. Optimum air flow in the right places make this perfect for your trips into the bee yard.

Economy Ventilated Suit: We are pleased to offer an economy ventilated suit. Three layers of ventilated netting are sandwiched together to provide you with optimum protection while allowing ultimate air flow keeping you well protected and cool. The suit offers extra padding at the knees, two chest pockets, two hive tool pockets, and side pockets. Additional features of this suit include: elastic waist, elastic wrists, elastic zippered ankles and an elastic thumb hold.

Just the Suit

IJʿ Zipper Suit: If you already own the perfect hat/veil but you’re still looking for the perfect bee suit, try our IJʿ zipper suit.  We added all the features our beekeepers wanted for total protection and comfort for a full day's work in the bee yard. This Zipper Veil-Suit Combination offers the fine features of the IJʿ Folding Veil and the IJʿ Coveralls to provide total protection for the beekeeper. Zippered side openings allow full protection and easy access to trouser pockets. The location of the veil zipper holds the veil in place, assuring perfect vision while allowing total freedom of movement. Easy on and off. It is a polyester/cotton blend.

Polyester Coveralls: IJʿ coveralls are a snow-white, polyester-cotton blend because white is less disturbing to bees, which decreases the likelihood of stinging. It also features a full front zipper for easy on and off. Sturdy construction - all points of stress are bartacked for extra reinforcement. Six roomy pockets hold the tools you need. Side openings allow easy access to trouser pockets.

Beekeeper Suits For the Kids

IJʿ also offers suits that will fit your children and prevent bee stings. Suits are available for children ages 4-10.

Economy Two Piece Suit: We offer this suit for children age four and age six. This suit features two pieces: a jacket and trousers. The jacket features a half zip hooded veil with elastic at the waist and wrists. The trousers feature elastic waist and ankles along with two front pockets. This suit is perfect for your child’s first visit to the bee yard and is easy to put on and take off. Sizes: neck - 25, shoulder - 16.5, arm - 19, chest - 39, waist - 19, fully expanded waist - 25, pelvis - 30, hips - 32, leg inseam - 18

Partially Ventilated Suit: We offer this suit for age cohorts 4-6 and 8-10. The ventilation areas are located along your sides running from your waistline to your wrist in the suit. The full suit is ventilated on the outside of the legs starting at the ankles and ending at the wrist. The hood is fully ventilated on the suit and optimum air flow in the right places make this perfectly comfortable for your children.

Child’s Hat/Veil Combo with Polyester Cotton Suit: V01170C Children's (10-12) Hat-Veil Combo with Polyester/Cotton Suit features leg zippers for easy on/off, two front side pockets and a chest pocket. Comfortable hat/veil combo with zipper attachment, elastic leg and wrist cuffs. Comfortable hat/veil fits all with spring steel band rings to keep the veil out away from the head and the hat flips back when unzipped.

Child’s Polyester/Cotton Trousers: Our children’s trousers are a nice addition to our child’s jacket. Featuring a front pocket with elastic waist and ankles. These trousers will give your youngster the extra protection they may sometimes need in the beeyard.

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