Traditional beekeeping helmets hold up the elements and often outlast the life of many veils.

The wide brim of our beekeeping hats provides support by keeping the veil away from the beekeeper's face and neck while the veil is in use. The hat also provides extra protection to the top of your head while keeping it nice and ventilated.  


We have plastic and woven mesh safari-style helmets in both white and tan.

Beekeeping helmets protect your head from bees and can give extra stability for Tulle veils, Square veils, and other veils without hat components to them.


Square Veils are metal mesh with defined sides to them making them easy to store away by simply folding them closed.


Tulie Veils have a plastic mesh that is lighter and stow away small enough to put in your pocket making them really great as a spare veil for someone visiting or for someone who wants a veil with the convenience of being able to drink water through it.


Excelsior Veils are round veils with less setup time since they usually are kept in an unfolded state.


Its important to keep things safe for yourself and your bees, using the proper gear like a helmet and veil can make a huge difference when it comes to effectively managing a beehive and not getting stung. Make sure to grab a  with your helmet for full face coverage as well!


To clean the helmets just remove it from the veil, wipe out the inside and out with a wet rag sooner rather than later and let it air dry before placing the veil back on.



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