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Something extra for every beekeeper!

All these things have one thing in common for beekeepers, keeping things out or off you. Whether it's keeping the bees out of your pants, the sun off of your face, sweat out of your eyes, or sticky messes off of your clothing we have something to address each one of those.


It's hot in that bee suit and the sweatband helps keep the sweat out of your eyes, wicks away sweat to keep you cool, and keeps your beautiful locks from getting in the way when working with your beehive.

Boot Bands

You’ve heard of ants in your pants but what about bees in your pants? Equally unpleasant!  

Our boot bands seal the bottom of your pants with handy velcro straps to keep any curious honey bees from crawling up your pants legs. These are a very handy accessory to a bee jacket as they are just as easy to slip on and off while letting you use the pants you’re wearing.

Yard Apron

Keeps your clothes clean when moving supers and equipment around the bee hive and kitchen. Very handy when extracting honey, making candles, or any messy activity you can think of! With divided legs and easy-to-clamp straps, you will have both mobility and protection from stains with this handy beekeeping apron.

IJʿ Baseball cap

Tell everyone your favorite bee-keeping brand with our one-size-fits-most hats with many different color variations of the hat to match your favorite look. The Baseball cap is a super high-tech option to keep all of the sun's rays off your eyes, mouth, and nose (ear protection not included).



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