Beekeeping jackets are great for that quick inspection of your beehives, in contrast to beekeeping suits, beekeeping jackets only protect your upper head and body. The jacket is easier to put on and take off in comparison to a full suit, boasts easier movement, and in most cases cooler than a full bee suit. You should wear thicker pants like jeans to supplement the lack of protection on your lower body but you can also wear  for yourself or your  with some  for some extra protection.


Veils come in all sorts of shapes for bee suits and are the main distinguishing factor between bee jackets.


Hood Veils

Hood veils hang downward like a hood but tend to have less visibility due to their supports, hood veils are considered more comfortable since they are a lighter veil in most cases, they also fold down pretty easily meaning they are easier to store as well.


Round Veils

Round veils provide the most visibility among all 3 veils and have a built-in hat as well, many have an adjustable band for various head sizes. Round veils tend to be heavy-duty but can be a bit awkward at times due to their non-folding nature and larger brim. Despite this round veils tend to be one of the most popular veil types.


When should you use a Jacket as opposed to a full suit?


Jackets are great for more experienced beekeepers who are more used to handling bees, beginners are bound to make a few mistakes that may result in you getting stung a few times. Being fully protected will keep new beekeepers confident enough to fully adapt to beekeeping and we suggest moving  to find the bee suits category in that case.


Jackets are great for calmer bees, aggravated bees may find their way into uncovered sections of your body which is why a bee suit would be preferable in those cases.


Jackets are great for smaller tasks, as said before quick inspections or repairs close by the hive will be better off with a jacket since you have better mobility, can easily take it on and off, and are generally more comfortable.


If you live in warmer areas a jacket will be cooler typically although we have plenty of ventilated bee suits that will keep you much cooler than a traditional bee suit.

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