Beekeeping veils are sold separately from a suit and hat for maximum flexibility and portability. A veil is a must-have for all beekeepers since it protects your face from potential face stings and questionable decisions while letting you do what you love the most. Whether you want a veil to use with your favorite hat, a veil with a hat attached, or a veil with a zipper on the bottom we have the styles and features you know and love.

Hood Veils

Hood veils hang downward like a hood but tend to have less visibility due to their supports, hood veils are considered more comfortable since they are a lighter veil in most cases, they also fold down pretty easily meaning they are easier to store as well.


An example of our hood veils would be our Pull-over veil.

Square veils

Square veils have 2 pieces, a hardhat and a folding square mesh veil for visibility. Square veils are very versatile since they can be used with multiple different hats and have a heavier more durable mesh. Overly aggressive bees may find a way in through a square veil since they aren’t as closed off as their counterparts.


Examples of a square veil would be our Drawstring folding veil, Firefighter folding veil, and Zipper folding veil.

Round veils

Round veils provide the most visibility among all 3 veils and have a built-in hat as well, many have an adjustable band for various head sizes. Round veils tend to be heavy-duty but can be a bit awkward at times due to their non-folding nature and/or larger brim. Despite this round veils tend to be one of the most popular veil types.


Examples of a round veil would be our Alexander, Excelsior, and Hat/Veil Combo veils.


No matter which veil you choose the best veil you can have is the one you are most comfortable wearing and have on hand to keep both yourself and your bees safe.



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